Let me Rip Your Insides out

21 juillet 2005

Tonight tonight, its on tonight I dont want your boring life, i just wanna live my life, tonight!

woohoo title is Festival Song by Good Charlotte... it jsut flew my mind... lol so today.. was alot of walking.. heres what we walkt.. starting to green dot 1 allll the way to green dot 2 lol im lametodays_walk

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19 juillet 2005


I had to show the world how sexy my favorite best friend is!!  hehe.. that was at prom... before he took anything... ya know...bal_2005_3

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16 juillet 2005

Green Hair!

Oh yeah! Awesomeness! I have green hair! Bwaha!dvc00221

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21 mai 2005

WEll well well

Yo people! lol SOOO New blog, eh? lol Okay.. thats all... for now


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